GSM-card (PCI and PCI-express models) - description

General description

GSM-card with Voice (VoIP) and SMS features

This is a universal telephony card for calls cost reduction and call termination.


The multifunctional GSM card for 4 or 8 GSM channels is useful for receiving and placing calls in mobile networks as well as receiving and transmitting SMS, sending USSD-requests. Integration of the GSM card in company's telephone system provides phone calls cost reduction, especially for "office to mobile" direction. The GSM card is the fastest and easiest way to establish telephony communication in locations where landlines are unavailable or costly.

The model enables user to insert up to 8 SIM cards into SIM holders or simulate presence of remote SIM cards using SIM management technology provided by SIM server Polygator.

The card operates under OS Linux (all *NIX systems are supported). It is compatible with IP-PBX Asterisk, thanks to native Asterisk-module (PGGSM) and Linux-driver by Polygator. With the help of Asterisk software, the card provides maximal range of features and functions. By using GSM card without IP-PBX Asterisk (with Linux-driver only), it is possible to reach GSM modules as a pool of GSM modems. All GSM modules available in OS Linux locally (as TTY devices) or via TCP/IP (with help of ser2net Linux software) as a pool of Ethernet-modems. In both cases, modules are controlled by АТ-commands.

Implementation and benefits

The Polygator GSM card:

  • serves as a gateway between cellular networks and other technologies. Other technologies may include VoIP (SIP) networks, devices and IP-PBX
  • supports Bulk SMS
  • supports call origination/termination
  • creates GSM gateway in Linux environment
  • can be a part of distributed network of GSM gateways (using the remote SIM-management technology and SIM-server Polygator)
  • provides deep integration with Asterisk (dial plan, CLI)

Multiple Polygator GSM cards maybe installed in a server. Free tech support available for 1 year. Hardware warranty is 2 years.

Key features

The Polygator GSM card:

  • can be easily integrated into existing hardware. It is ready for operation out of the box
  • supports SIP protocol
  • enables hardware processing for popular codecs (g.711, g.723, g.726, g.729), therefore frees a lot of system resources (highly beneficial capability for high load environments)
  • scales well in single motherboard/server by multiple card installation capability
  • support all *NIX operating systems (not only Linux)
  • can be setup and configured via Asterisk (CLI)
  • offers high traffic capacity (600 minutes per day and more, per channel)
  • lowers base stations load (option to shut off unused GSM modules)
  • replies with detailed error codes of mobile network (useful feature for predictive dialers)
  • provides editable IMEI-codes via Asterisk console (Asterisk CLI)
  • enables full support of SMS processing (incoming/outgoing) via Asterisk dial plan
  • is Elastix certified and compatible