SMS-GSM gateway Polygator K32 - description

General description

GSM-gateway with SMS features based on OS Linux

A universal hardware platform for reducing calls costs and termination 


Multifunctional GSM/SMS gateway for 8-32 SIM-cards provides SMS sending/receiving, sending USSD-requests.

This model allows scaling of GSM-channels (SIM-cards) number from 8 to 32. The chassis of K32 has 4 universal slots for extension boards (GSM, WCDMA(3G)+GSM).

The device operates under OS Linux 2.6. Gateways are compatible with SIM-Server/SIM-bank solutions, reliable and straightforward in operation. The gateway design assumes 19-inch rack mounting (4 units) or desktop placement.

Application and benefits

Gateway between cell networks and software SMS-platforms. Bulk SMS. Establishing of GSM-gateways distributed network by the means of the SIM-server.

Supports all main SMS protocols. Embedded SMS-server. Scalability and openness for adding custom Linux-software. Free technical support - 1 year. Warranty - 2 years.

Key features

Quick-start – ready for operation out of the box

Scalability (increasing GSM-channels quantity) to 32 channels

OS Linux – open system for fine-tuning by specialist

High traffic capacity – 3-5 seconds for sending 1 SMS via 1 channel

Lowering base stations load – option to shut off unused GSM-modules

System management and monitoring via Web GUI, console or SSH

Sending reports and Delivery reports (DLR) support

Events generation on incoming SMS i.e. execution of preprogrammed scripts (Bash or PHP). For example - script sends SMS as HTTP-request further to some external server

Option to set daily limits for outgoing SMS as well as analysis of GSM-operator responses

Integrated LAN and WAN ports — it is possible to use either public or private IP-addresses

VPN-client - client for VPN-networks is preinstalled